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  • What are Flower essences Made of?
  • Comatose Body Syndrome

    Bringing more awareness to your body, sensation, its aliveness, helps us feel emotions (good bad), this will decrease automatic dissociation(s) and Help you take better control of your life. With more power and awareness than before, along with Intention and Vision, you will create more of the life you want to live.

  • Josh Richard

    ..When out of all the Canadians..! (in 2012)

  • ME

    All my life I have been looking at furniture and layouts, trying to discover a “better” way to arrange things.  Let me do that for you in your house design.  Even if you are just pursuing drafting services you get the benefit of a keen eye for detail and functions- at no extra cost.  Get……

  • Flower essence qualities

    Flower essences are a Strange thing. A mysterious little potion that claims to “Change” things, to change you. I have experimented with flower essences for nearly 6 years, and I am still wondering the same Thing. I go through periods of Disbelief and then believing, Because I have seen how the power of Intention and……

  • How do Flower essences work?

    Remedies are derived from the blossoming part of the plant to encode its qualitative messages into water

  • Kesslers Post cat residential under design (no comment)

    Lorne and Tricia were perfect clients. Their family was ready for their new home in a rush, we planned the design quickly but got everything right to make it their dream home. Tricia and Lorne’s design was So unique and fun; mainfloor bedrooms open to each with the placement of a moveable partition wall and……

  • Choosing the Perfect remedy

    You will know what is right for you, for where you are, and based on what your goals Are! When I started the road to becoming More ME, I saw Naturopaths, hand healers, body talkers, and More! There is NOT one right way to go, only for what you are Called to Do. Since beginning……

  • I do believe that Everything happens for a Reason

    your capacity to give love, and receive, might not have been born yet, but it still can be,

  • A little bit of Veronica

    a little bit of Rita.

  • Project Management Professional Gladness

    I seriously enjoyed the two books I picked up to maintain my certification requirements: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John, and The Phoenix Project