Flower Essence Remedies

Restoring Energy

Healing through Resonance

There is a Pure essence in All of us, one that Existed before repatterning in order to exist in the World. Flower essences call us back to Our Truest Nature, one where the parts of us Live that Wish to be Known.

Energetic Flower Remedies

To get the support you need when your journey calls. Flower essences (energy transmitted by the flowers’ strengths/aspects) are great to stir up change.

Energetic tones, vibrations of flower essences transmit new frequencies to your body’s neurobiology, the networks that include connection to your brain/mind, emotional body, habits and patterns, Deep Psyche. When the message arrives it activates alike patterns within you and drives up opposing ones, usually conflicting ones that we don’t want. Through this resonance, a desired state is brought to awareness so undesired patterns shift out and awaken unused parts of ourselves.

Living the Life you Want is best for All!

Have your life be the One You Want.

You Have what you have been Waiting for- Trust yourself to Find the Way with hope.

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Flowers are a great passive Treatment to get us to where we are going easier They are very easy to take, and work on the energetic body.

Imagine a personal body guard ushering you to your greatest good