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Comatose Body Syndrome

Bringing more awareness to your body, sensation, its aliveness, helps us feel emotions (good bad), this will decrease automatic dissociation(s) and Help you take better control of your life. With more power and awareness than before, along with Intention and Vision, you will create more of the life you want to live.

Flower Essence FAQ

How do Flower essences work?

A flower essence, or flower energy formula contains the vibration of the plant in water, preserved with alcohol. Every flower and every human have an essence, the way it walks and acts through the world, carries itself, recreates, and formulates.

Remedies encode the plant’s blossoms into water by capturing its qualitative messages. Every flower has a unique tonation, just like People, whether its smoothness, robustere, warmth or strength, each vibration has a unique opposite to combat, tone, your conscious awareness.

Side effects: Although subtle flower essences can be very strong and bring about excitory or agitating memories. If noticing this experience, bring your attention to what is happenig and pause between reactions to see any messages. When allowing the sensation to provide the Insight is there Now a New Action you’d like to take, one that is unfamiliar but Brings about more Peace. Tend to what arises with grace and compassion, if overwhelmed Do not hesitate to seek alternate care.

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Choosing the Perfect remedy

You will know what is right for you, for where you are, and based on what your goals Are! When I started the road to becoming More ME, I saw Naturopaths, hand healers, body talkers, and More! There is NOT one right way to go, only for what you are Called to Do.

Since beginning my health journey I have participated in Yoga nidra workshops, tantra workshops, and healing circles to name a few, I have divised a Series of Tools that I have found to be the Most helpful, and as someone coming from a Jaded past offer no judgement to Those I see.

Hope to See you soon!

Human Be'ings, Wellbeing

Healthy Foods

What’s holding you back from eating healthier? Yourself.

When we shame ourselves and tell ourselves “no” our body isn’t listening (you could say it’s tuned out) or looking to rebel.

Be gentler on ourselves, if there is something you don’t want to do… what would you like to do instead- then, manifest it!

No more telling yourself what you can’t have, now, picture what you are having 🙂 , and why it makes you feel so good.  Instead of leading yourself with fear and guilt, you will now be leading with your truest desire, joy and contentment.

Love, Chantelle