Chantelle developed Yang Flowers Health as a resting space for all things Spiritual (non-religious- instead oriented to the discovery of our true selves) and medicinal pathways that consider the “true self” as not just body and mind, but pleasure, thought, feeling and sensation, heart and soul. The more connected and aligned these parts of us Are, the more we may feel at Home.

Dis-ease and dis-function might just be where the lost parts of ourselves Call Out to Be known.

We tend to ourselves in a Loving, Passionate way, to allow the darkness (the undesirable places within us) a place to be Known and maybe even rest. In doing so, we open to the full Experience of life, darkness, pain, regret, Joy, happiness, and Awaken to Our One True Self.

Posts – Love

“We would highly recommend YUR Designs. It was a true pleasure to work with such An amazing and professional team who approach a project like it’s their own.

YUR took the greatest pride and care in creating our plans for our new home. Their knowledge of building practices, interior design and architectural concepts led to the home design of our dreams. They nurtured it as if it was their own, We received approval from the city to build our home and we couldn’t have completed in such tight timelines without YUR Designs. Thanks again for everything!!”

Tricia Kessler, FEB 2020

Chantelle is an intuitive healer, through various modalities she combines together she graciously calms my turbulent emotions and guides me to a place of healing. I love you 💗🙏🏼🌺!

Project Stardust Taro – June, 2022

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