I do believe that Everything happens for a Reason

but now I know Why? In life, some things are given to us, our circumstances, histories, benefactories, and Stories. And each time life gives us something, we have the opportunity to make a Choice, about what we are going to do, who we are going to be. We can continue to identify with our old ways of thinking, or step into Something much Braver, less Safer, but still able to be Safe, in with So- more Love will be birthed into this Magical World we call Home. *

It does always start with Fear, or Love, as many great poets and instructors will tell you, but what that Love looks like does not have to be defined, you define it. Do not construct your way of loving to the norms, for it is far much Greater, your capacity to give love, and receive, might not have been born yet, but it still can be, With Each breath we Take, in love, and Out of Love, Merci beaucoup for listening, and Enjoy! ❤

Chantelle Yurechuk, for who no name can be given, because I am You! And in reading this, I know you feel it Too! Bless you and your heart, for forever more we welcome you Back onto this Earth. Namaste

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